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    A Miracle For Trevor


At a most inconvenient and improbable time in our lives, the ultrasound confirmed that there was a new, little person within my wife, Dana.  We made the event a family affair and our two girls giggled as the technician told them they would soon have a baby brother.  But after a few minutes, the room grew eerily silent.  There was something wrong.  “It’s probably nothing,” the technician said uneasily.  I hurriedly ushered our two girls out as Dana underwent further testing.

A couple of anxious weeks later, a doctor confirmed our fears.  Our son-to-be would have serious heart complications and would likely be born blue.  He would require open-heart surgery.  Worse, there could be further complications to other organs that could not yet be known.   “Should you decide to terminate the fetus….” the doctor continued as our hearts sank.   Read more

A Few Thoughts

Hello and welcome.  I have Trevor's miracle as the centerpiece of this website because it is the best story I know and the only miracle I can attest to in my life.  It is the amazing story of a pretty amazing child.    

Trevor's odyssey and the ensuing miracle were so dramatic that it forever changed my life.  My wife and I are so thankful to everyone who prayed for our son.  And most of all, we are thankful to God that he brought us such a wonderful boy with such a miraculous